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Client testimonial: B.V.

After a decade retreating from fitness because of a hip injury, with the resulting consequences to my strength and stamina, I was determined to finally start getting stronger. A friend introduced me to Ryan, and I’m thrilled with my results. I had all the usual trepidations that he would focus me on a generic concept of “weight loss,” extreme diets, and workouts that would leave me drained and miserable. But nothing could be further from how Ryan operates. He’s entirely focused on giving his clients what they want, and getting there in the most fun, relaxed, and safe way possible. He’s the embodiment of an empathic trainer who understands that conventional aesthetics are secondary to healthy foundational body movement. I came in with the goal of learning to lift and get stronger, and the true testament to Ryan’s methods is that I got there while also significantly cutting body fat. And here’s the thing: the workouts are intense and tough, but you leave feeling better than you did when you started.

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