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PNOĒ delivers clinical accuracy in measuring metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness, and provides the gold standard in nutrition and exercise personalization.

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About metabolic testing with PNOĒ

The world’s first software that automatically analyzes metabolic information to provide an in depth analysis of heart, lung, muscular, and neuromuscular function in real time.


If completing an RMR, the quality of your test results, your post-test debrief, report and consult is directly related to your ​strict​ adherence to the RMR pre-test protocol:


The PNOĒ algorithms in combination with the PNOĒ’s metabolic experts use your test results to produce a comprehensive test report. The report provides a top-level ten-factor assessment, including:


1. Aerobic Fitness

2. Cardiovascular Fitness

3. Respiratory Capacity

4. Respiratory Capability

5. Breathing and Cognition

6. Breathing and Stability

7. Metabolic Efficiency

8. Fat Burning Efficiency

9. Mechanical Efficiency

10. Recovery Capacity


At least 5 hours of fasting prior to the test

● No intense exercise (>1 hour) 24 hours before the test

● No caffeine, tobacco or stimulating drinks for at least 5 hours prior to the test

●Wear workout clothing and shoes


The report also provides:

Heart Rate Training Zones​: The report includes five heart rate zones based on metabolic markers and thresholds determined from your active metabolic test measurements. The report identifies zone characteristics and the potential benefit for working out in each one. Clients who want to calibrate their WHOOP wearable or who follow a Heart Rate Zone training program will benefit from the custom training zones delivered in the report. Currently, the accurate zones provided by PNOĒ are NOT part of the the WHOOP integration. PNOĒ heart rate zones are the most accurate zoning available and should be manually input into your training device in order to maximize your training. 


Workout Recommendations​: The Fitness Report includes a breakdown of recommended daily workouts into resistance, interval and cardio, including a weekly schedule based upon the number of days you want to workout collected you entered into the app. The recommendations are based on your workout frequency, goals and active metabolic test results.



>Spot the limiting factors in your performance.


>Help develop a mental link between your physical feelings and the actual limiting factor(s) at play.


>Track how your organs perform under different exercise conditions.


>Test your V02Max and RMR.


>Link with data on your Whoop.


>Get a detailed nutrition plan based on your personal metrics.

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