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BEMER AG operates in the medical engineering sector, conducts and supports research in the area of microcirculation, and develops physical treatment procedures to positively influence the aforementioned. The multi-patented and market-leading technology of the physical vascular therapy BEMER is available in different, innovative product lines, which the company distributes through its own, widely spread direct specialist distribution and the corresponding local representation in over 40 countries. The company’s registered office is in Triesen, Liechtenstein, where over 50 employees are employed.

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About PEMF with BEMER

BEMER was founded in 1998 by Peter Gleim as Innomed International AG, and in the year 2010 was renamed accordingly. Today, Gleim brings along many years of experience in managing the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The new BEMER treatment system protected by patents is the most researched and most effective physical treatment method used in complementary medicine today.

The new BEMER signal has been developed even further and modified according to the latest findings on the biorhythm of local and primary regulatory processes associated with microcirculation (physical treatment method). The restricted or impaired microcirculation of organs is now stimulated even better than before.

The specific temporary signal order and structure of the electromagnetic field with a low flux density is crucial in effectively stimulating the mechanism for regulating microcirculation.

BEMER is an officially authorised medical device in the EU (CE0483) of the class IIa (93/42/EEC).

During the past 15 years, there have been 46 publications about BEMER therapy and four scientific studies listed in PubMed (


Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Klopp is head of the Berlin Institute for Microcirculation and one of the leading figures in this relatively new area of medical research.


His reference book provides interested readers with an overview of the entire area of expertise of microcirculation while providing fascinating insight into his research work, for which he has received multiple scientific awards. Numerous tables, graphics and examination findings illustrate the topic; the comprehensive image material of vital microscopic findings turns the reader into a witness of microcirculatory phenomena never before documented in this manner.


This is a scientist who is not only able to explain the theory relating to his area of expertise, but also someone who has been "in the thick of it" for decades. A passionate researcher who communicates his scientific findings and, beyond that, critically questions the current level of awareness as regards microcirculation.

“Mikrozirkulation –
Im Fokus der Forschung”

Author: Dr. med Rainer Klopp

Mediquant Verlag AG, FL-Triesen

ISBN No. 978-3-033-01464-0

580 pages


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