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KINVENT is revolutionizing rehabilitation and performance training. Their cutting-edge physiotherapy/performance devices deliver real-time biofeedback data that leads to prolonged patient engagement, increased efficiency and more effective outcomes.   

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About performance assessments with Kinvent

KINVENT is bringing precision, accuracy and data into physical therapy. Their collection of connected devices instantaneously measures strength, balance and range of motion, all through an intuitive, fully integrated app. 

With precise data through the KINVENT platform, we are be able to show proof of measurement.


The Kinvent system is a fully integrated wireless solution: 1 app/ 7 sensors

● Validated (FDA) Quantitative measures of strength, balance and range of motion



● Wide range of measures


● Portable


The sensors are able to measure strength, power, range of motion, maximum force production and balance.

The force platforms are dedicated to the advanced biomechanical analysis of sports performance. Connected through bluetooth to the KFORCE app, DELTAS help Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Rehabilitation Professionals to manage an athlete’s return to play. Thanks to their design, load capacity and high sampling frequency, DELTAS measure Physical Performance in a completely versatile and fast manner compared to any other system in the market.


The link is very versatile and useful for both training and testing of all the body joints.

Handheld dynamometer that measures the patient’s grip strength through different scenarios, calculates the average, the rate of force development (RFD) measure of explosive strength, time it takes them to reach their max, and how long it takes before they fatigue. The Grip provides coaches and therapists with more objective data compared to the hydraulic version, is more efficient and accurate, and eliminates any possibility of mathematical errors.


The Kinvent difference:

  • Validate return to competition after injury

  • Provides objective data to S&C professional to keep athletes in top physical condition

  • Get their best at each session

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We are looking forward to helping you increase your performance!


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