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Ryan Lauderdale, CSCS

Founder of Rypen Fitness


  • NIKE Master Trainer



  • USAW


  • Precision Nutrition

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My Story

Born and raised in Southern California, Ryan learned the craft of elite athlete training at an early age. He has been no stranger to high level competition and has been a part of multiple winning teams from the high school level (North High) to the D-1 level (San Jose State University). Ryan got his first start as a strength and conditioning coach at Velocity Sports Performance (Redondo Beach) while simultaneously excelling as an Equinox Tier 3+ trainer at the South Bay location. Through both positions he has coached athletes spanning from the NFL, MLB, USWNT, NCAA basketball, NCAA track and high school football. While at Velocity Sports Performance he served as an assistant coach for athletes training for the 2009 and 2010 NFL Combines. In addition, Ryan has catapulted multiple high school football athletes to an All Area Selection and prepared Tier 1 elite hockey players for professional drafts in the NHL,USHL and BCHL.


Equipped with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field, Ryan has helped various athletes at every level achieve their goals. He has served as fitness creative director for fitness videos featuring Kristi Yamaguchi and Erin O'Brien Denton (celebrity trainer).


His years of working with a wide array of clients in the industry and having a successful track record has made him so impactful in the industry. In addition, since 2011, he has contributed to fitness on a global scale as a Nike Master Trainer and has given presentations to thousands of people on behalf of Nike Inc. Ryan has traveled the world consulting for product development, trained Nike celebs and athletes, contributed to events and has lead hundreds of participants in weekly workouts for the Nike Training Club fitness program as well as contributing training workouts to Nike’s training app (Nike Training Club). He has worked with every category in Nike from Nike SB to Nike football and everything in between. The projects range from apparel/footwear development contributions to working with Nike signature athletes and more.

Marissa Minderler, RDN

  • Registered Dietitian, RDN

  • M.S. Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity

  • B.S. Kinesiology, USC

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My Story

Marissa is a registered dietitian driven by her motivation to help people reach their nutrition and performance goals. Starting from a young age, sports and fitness has always been a part of her life. Growing up in Northern California, Marissa was a successful track athlete, qualifying for State championships in the 100m. Upon entering college at USC, she walked on as Heptathlete then focused on the throwing events. After 2 years, she earned a full scholarship, and became PAC-10 and PAC-12 champion in the hammer throw. She simultaneously earned the top 3rd spot on the All-Time list at USC and became the American school record holder in the hammer throw. In her final year of collegiate competition, she became an NCAA All-American, and qualified for the 2012 Olympic trials, ranking 15th in the country overall.


Upon graduating with her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, she worked as a personal trainer at Equinox for 8 years and was an instructor for the company’s in-house education courses. Here is where her appreciation for sports and fitness merged with her desire to learn more about nutrition. She returned to USC for her master’s degree and graduated summa cum laude. Seeking to combine her sports background with her education, Marissa aims to assist current athletes in improving and maintaining their performance, enhancing their recovery, and providing education to support their health and wellness throughout their career and beyond.  

We look forward to helping you reach new heights of athletic and human performance!


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