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Client review

I contacted Ryan after a serious health challenge inspired me to try a whole food plant based diet to improve my health.

Not knowing how to proceed, I struggled with how to maintain a healthy weight for over a month. I was losing too much weight for my frame. This was very frustrating. I was also experiencing numerous food intolerances and allergies which made it difficult for me to eat many healthy vegetables.

I provided Ryan with my goals and dilemmas and he created a calorie, macro and portion guide that he said would help me reach my goals in a safe and healthy way. He even gave me numerous food substitute options that allowed me to work around my food intolerances.

I found his plan easy to understand and implement. To my surprise, after a couple months of following the plan, I was maintaining a healthy weight and also feeling better.

Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and has the wisdom to apply that knowledge. He is the consummate professional!

Thank you Ryan!!

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