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Client Spotlight!

30 and THRIVING!


First and foremost Ryan is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to understanding the physical body. He knew my own body better than I even did! I learned from him that I didn’t have to exhaust myself to transform my body, so I truly enjoyed coming to every session. Ryan is calculated and a master at what he does. He genuinely strives to understand what’s important to each client. He helped me go from 24% body fat down to 19% body fat in 12 sessions! He is a coach that knows his limits and workouts. In the past working out could be frustrating for me but he never pushed me far enough to where I didn’t want to come back. Thank you for my new body Ryan- I love it!

Alexandra 💛✨

. . .

Rypen Fitness will be taking online clients soon so email for more info. Also, the “Quarantine Lean” at home program digital fitness program in the Rypen Fitness app will be live soon so email to be waitlisted and for additional info.

Let’s work!!

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