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Progress report: Jack St. Ivany

I'm proud of Rypen Fitness client Jack St. Ivany. He is one of the top ranked hockey players on the Westcoast but doesn't settle. He was recently drafted to the BCHL, has offers from some of the top hockey school in the nation yet he hasn't settled on his past accomplishments or let that affect his work ethic. In fact he has found a whole new level of commitment to his craft and during this off season he has been able to achieve some significant gains.

Here are some of the stats: •Squat: Previous:180 Current:240 =60 lb increase •Vert: Previous:20" Current:24" =4 inch increase •Pull ups: >Previous:0 >Current:11 =11 rep increase •Deadlift: >Previous:160 >Current:312 =147 lb increase •Snatch: Previous:65 Current:113 =48 lb increase Weight: >Previous:164.7 >Current:191.3+ =26.6 weight gain *Gains were the difference from the previous year. One of the greatest things of being a coach is seeing the passion of your athletes towards being better increase everyday because they see the results and have committed to the process.

I constantly inform people that not all results are typical. There are times when even the best programs don't produce performance gains that are 300-500% better than when the athlete started. However, every program should have some sort of progress. If not, the coach should reassess and think about changing things if appropriate.

Make sure you keep an eye out for Jack in the future.

*Most of these gains were achieved in a 12 week timeline.

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