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Take a moment with me...

Being an entrepreneur/business owner can be a lonely journey at times. One day while going through it I had some thoughts that felt profound and changed how I saw my struggles. Maybe it will also help you.

"I felt lonely because when I opened my eyes and looked up I didn’t see anyone.

I almost closed my eyes out of loneliness again but I happened to look down and caught a glimpse of all the people.

They were right underneath me raising me up.

What felt like a stormy sea was them losing and regaining their footing in unstable ground.

From their strength, I gained strength.

From their gaze I was reminded to keep my focus and get ready for soon I would also be holding up those that were soon to come. "

You might have taken many things from these words but remember this. You are not alone. There were many that came before that helped to elevate you where you are now and there are many to come after you that are relying on the work you do today.

Be inspired, be great!

Coach Ry

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