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My life matters, black lives matter.

I’m tired...RIP George Floyd, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and the countless amount of other black people that have been unjustly harmed, killed and incarcerated over the past few centuries in America and the world moreover. I’m tired because George Floyd is another name added to the “stat sheet”. I’m tired because for far too often, people that look like me at times have been treated with less humanity than even animals. I’m tired because in my almost 4 decades of my existence, we are still talking about, protesting about and hurting about the same things!

I’m glad things are being televised so we can see the injustice. I’m glad the world is able to see the hate towards us, but I’m still not convinced that everyone truly sees it or understands it. I mean it’s hard to when it’s not your reality. When you don’t have to teach your young sons and daughters what not say so they won’t get hurt/killed by the same people that are supposed to be protecting them. I have had some of my white friends hit me up and tell me they love me and support me. It means a lot but I already knew that of them. I cherish them as my friends and allies for a reason.

Empathy, understanding and good will towards men should be a standard for our human existence but unfortunately it’s not. As people we need to continue to have conversations. Continue to ask the right questions to increase understanding and get closer towards solutions.

My hope is that a year or two from now, people don’t forget. I hope that people don’t forget the unity this protest brought. I hope that people remember the humanity and desire for human equality for all. I hope that people will no longer stand by the wayside when someone is being take advantage of. I hope that you realize that when we say black lives matter it is because the words and actions of the white American majority and beyond have shown us otherwise.

We gotta keep this same energy when caring for others and right now in particular black people.

Peace, love and unity.

Ryan Lauderdale

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