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Testimony: Lucas Constantine

Rypen Fitness Testimonial: 

Lucas Constantine

I chose to train with Ryan in preparation for my first season of Prep school hockey. I had felt that my training the summer before was good, but when the hockey season came around, I knew I was underprepared. During the season, my team worked out with Ryan, and I could from those team workouts that he was a great trainer. But I really didn’t understand how great he was until I chose to work with him over the summer. Training with Ryan exceeded every expectation I had. Firstly, his training program was so much harder than I had anticipated. The first week was one of the hardest weeks of training I had experienced to that point. I realized from the first workout that choosing to train with Ryan meant taking everything to another level. Not only did Ryan take me to another level in my strength and conditioning, but also my mentality as an athlete. From the goals and standards I set for myself to the mental toughness I needed to push through doing plyometrics up a sand dune, Ryan’s training molded me more and more towards being an elite athlete. After one summer with Ryan, I was the strongest, fastest, and best conditioned I had ever been. And that can be shown qualitatively and quantitatively. I could lift so much more weight than before, and I was even better in my lifting technique. I could run times I had never been able to before, and my form in both linear and lateral movements was so much better than when I started. I felt super confident in myself and my preparation going into one of my biggest seasons yet. Ryan is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met when it comes to the human body, and he understands how to program workouts to maximize results for all types of people and situations. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to gain a competitive edge, or someone just looking to get into great shape, Ryan will take you to the level you want to reach and then show you that you can go so much further.

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