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Where biomechanics and sports performance meet

DBC L-1 cert, San Francisco

This weekend I went through the L-1 biomechanics course put on by DBC fitness. Although continuing education is a requirement for this industry, many can get caught up in obtaining every certification that exist. Although I myself have a few, there is always a rationale behind why I chose each.

What drew me to this cert was DBC's take on mechanical engineering and providing a scientific rationale to movements performed in sports performance and training. Donnie and Jarrod were excellent in making something very complex, very palatable. I've been in this industry over a decade and still definitely came back to my business with some good takeaways.

The future of our industry that we love so much is a true marriage of what the numbers (mathmatics) say in conjuction with the sciences (physics, kinesiology, biomechanics, physiology and psychology) conclude.

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