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Client testimony

I’m in the business of entertaining clients, which more often than not means late nights involving alcohol and eating out. I’ve always been generally fit, but when I moved into this new role, I found my desire to go to the gym even 2-3 times a week start to dissipate, my energy levels decrease, and my mental clarity falter. I love my job, but I needed to find a way to make the lifestyle sustainable.

I was introduced to Ryan through mutual friends. I was able to witness the balance Ryan had between enjoying himself and still having the discipline to eat well/stay fit while on vacation

. I found this hugely motivating and started talking to him about signing up for personal training sessions when we got back to LA. I signed up for the 12 class package, and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Ryan re-ignited my desire to get back to the “optimal” me, and taught me a lot along the way in terms of how to work out correctly. Like many others, before Ryan, I was guilty of going to the gym and doing the same exercises over and over (and incorrectly), which was leading to imbalance and distress in my joints/muscles. Ryan’s focus on fixing my movements and balancing my workouts was hugely important for me. No more lower back pain! Guy’s a saint for that alone. I learned a ton of new exercises (weight and non-weight), warm up and cool down routines/stretches, and couldn’t be more thankful for this shared knowledge.

While I’ve completed my 12 class package, I am still going to the gym 3-5 times a week and couldn’t feel better about my current state of health (physically and mentally). I owe this to the time I spent with Ryan re-learning how to approach my workouts, push myself harder, and nourish my body.

Sebastian Swain

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