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Testimonial: Tiana King

I came to Ryan with over 3 years of trial and error efforts to solve my on-going back pain. After a powerlifting injury I had been diagnosed with Facet Syndrome and underwent months of chiropractic treatment which gave minor relief but still didn’t bring me back to pre-injury strength. I also tried acupuncture, expensive muscular and realignment treatments, PT sessions and discontinuing the training that I loved. I had multiple flare-ups regardless of what any practitioner promised and even on a ‘good’ day, I didn’t feel complete confidence in my movement and knew I was one move away from feeling debilitated once again. Ryan performed a quick assessment of my movement patterns and very confidently assigned me a 3 week micro-cycle to rebuild some of my weaknesses and allow me to get back to the lifting I used to enjoy. Skeptically, I took the program head-on eager to see what 3 weeks could offer my 3 years of pain. The program was dynamic, engaging and to the point. I was challenged in new ways and felt purpose in each movement I did. I also had the freedom to add other modalities of training (within reason and with his discretion) which kept things fresh and allowed me to find intention in each one of Ryan’s workouts. His attention to how not just the human body works but my body is a special gift and as an athlete himself, he knows the importance of getting back to what you love! When my 3 weeks were complete, I was shocked to find myself doing activities and lifts that formerly were a trigger to pain and days of recovery. I was even more shocked when I was recovered enough to do consecutive workouts and increase weight. What I thought was a lost cause became a simple fix for Ryan and I’ve been so blessed to work with such an intutive and caring professional! 

Tiana King

Nike Womens brand specialist 

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