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"Chips" Most trainers/coaches wouldn't admit this but I eat chips. I'm not talking about your barbecue flavored lays or cheese flavored ruffles, I'm talking about the giant "chip" I have on my shoulder that I eat everyday. It's pushes me daily to be better than the day before. When did I get this "chip" you might ask? I've had it for as long as I can remember but it probably became most flavorful in college. Like every young athlete with a smidgen of talent I had aspirations to play college and pro one day. After a lot of hard work I finally achieved part of my dream of playing collegiate athletics. What I would soon find out is that sometimes the script doesn't go according to plan but what it taught me was to fight everyday for everything I want- my just do it. So now, with every breakfast, snack and dinner I have a side of "chips" to remind me that effort is everything and there are more people who don't make it than do- my just don't quit.  

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