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Ask Ryan...

I was recently asked a few questions so I thought I'd share them and my answers with you all. 1) What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

One of the best pieces of advance I've ever received was to reverse engineer my life. What that means is to envision the life I want and work backwards to create the steps towards that goal. This goal focused process is applicable for anything in your life. What it also does is put you in control of your life. When we are held accountable for our actions, it helps to light a fire within us and we can become unstoppable. 2) What is the best piece of advice you have ever given? A piece of advice that I give to other trainers who ask me questions about the industry is to know what your brand is and make sure everything you do aligns with your branding. People fail in life and business when they overreach the boundaries of what they do well. By knowing what your brand is, you will help to eliminate that and in turn this can create brand loyalty and consistent sales.  

I hope you found this informative and if you have any other questions for me send your emails to 

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