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Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesdays aren't always about body composition. Bryce T. is a hockey player and he had severe mobility issues. To state it simply, he was immobile where he should have been mobile and unstable where he needed stability. His lack of movement was affecting his on ice ability to skate fast and shoot hard on net. After assessing him and taking him through drills we were able to find the best movement prep and mobility drills for him. His increased ankle, hip, spine and shoulder mobility has increased his strength and power in every area.

You can see the difference in his before and after picture. On the left you see Bryce's previous end range of motion. It was even hard for him to get to that point. I added a few key dynamic drills/active stretches and static stretches to his prep routine. His total prep routine takes about 10-15 minutes and has proved to be invaluable to his success. On the right you can see him squatting through a full ROM and with speed and power (I know you can't tell if he is squatting fast or with speed). This particular day we did 3 set of triples with a fourth set of and AMRAP in order to help increase volume.

It doesn't matter if you are a pro athlete or just starting your fitness journey, you need to assess so that you have your baseline and you are able check your progress. Whatever your assessments you choose to use, just start somewhere. Choose the assessments that make the most sense for that athlete or fitness client.

Thanks for reading and stay healthy my friends.


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