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Testimonial: Sandy S.

I started training with Ryan a few months ago. Before my first session, he asked what my goals were. After giving it some thought, I said I would like to gain strength, increase flexibility and work on cardio endurance. I have a bit of scoliosis and my right side is stronger but tighter and my left side is weaker and doesn't like to work. I wanted to see if I could work on strengthening my left side to better balance my body and stretch out my right side. Although Pilates has made a great difference in gaining better balance in my body, I still had some work to do.

I have to say that after training one to two times a week for a few months, I have noticed a significant increase in all three of my goals, strength, flexibility and endurance. I am a pilates instructor/owner/ master teacher and I have to say that all the work with Ryan (of Rypen Fitness) has helped my pilates mat and reformer workouts as well. My body feels more balanced, stronger and more toned. I have done a lot of other exercise in the past, yoga, dance class, personal training, but I have noticed that the most significant change has been the work I have done with Ryan.

He is challenging but yet encouraging at the same time. He often tells me to pick up a certain weight to do an exercise and I say "really that much weight? I don't know" then I do it and to my surprise I am successful! He has me doing quite a bit of weight at the squat bar.. Before proceeding, I ask, "are you sure" and he says, "yes, you can do it!" And I can! Though his workouts are challenging, I always make it through and finish looking forward to the next one!

Sandy Sarnoff

-Master Pilates instructor

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