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The NTC experience

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Many of you may not know that NTC as a program has been in existence for over 7 years, but recent events like NTC tour have put it in the spot light. Even though yearly we have thousands of people who participate, there are still many who have never even heard of it. I wanted to post here all the Yelps about NTC LA that I can find. My hope is that after reading them, you will be inspired to #justdoit and train with us weekly. Weekly classes are as follows:

Nike Santa Monica 6:30 pm Tuesday

Alpha Venice 6:30 pm Wednesday

Nike Running The Grove 7 pm Thursday

24 Hour Fitness (varies on location but check your gym schedule)


FREEE!!! All locations How can you say no to free workouts?? Yea you may be filmed by onlookers but hey who doesn't want to be Instagram famous. Check-in is a breeze. For newbies you must first sign in via and iPad near the entrance of the Nike Store. They also conveiently hold keys, bags, or any other items you wish them to secure. The actual workout is high intensity for about 45 mins straight. The first 15 consist of a run around the of perimeter Santa Monica mall. The rest of the class focuses on high intensity constant movement. No break in between workouts. The exercises include burpees, jumping jacks, squat lunges and more. Don't worry about bringing your own weights because it's all performed using your own body weight. Tuesdays the class in Santa Monica begin at 6:30pm. Parking is free for 90 mins in the mall parking garage. Perfect place for free and great workouts. The trainer is intense. Highly recommend!! Tips: You are outdoors so dress warmly because it does get nippy. They have music so it makes it easy to zone out. Not sure after how many but you will receive a free shirt from Nike!!

-Janelle B.

My best friend introduced me to this amazing, wonderful and motivating place and I am so happy she did. I love coming here every Tuesday to get my work out on! Can't stop won't stop because we don't stop! I love Ashley! She is an amazing trainer. The workouts change every week and I'm so happy I have the opportunity to come here for an amazing and free workout.

-Ashley D.

Bring your friends and get ready for some intense plyometrics! You will run, jump squat, burpee and lunge your way around the park and you won't stop until your legs feel like J-E-L-L-O! The workouts are fun and the trainers are always extremely motivating. You will sweat.. and sweat, ladies and gentlemen, is fat CRYING.

-Carolyn T.

Nike Training Club motivates me to be as fit and as healthy as possible! The trainers are so friendly and have no problem teaching classes to meet the skill level of every participate- from first timer to professional athlete. They keep you going even when you think you can't make it and I always leave feeling good about my body and inspired to keep up my personal fitness.

-Stephanie P.

Who doesn't like free things? Nike has really made me a fan with these free training sessions around the city. They are really intensive interval/plyometrics/strength style workouts that will have your body in pain for days (in a good way) I hope they expand further East and add some classes downtown.

-Taryn B.

Nike Training Club! Great people, awesome coach! Come with good spirits, a ready to work attitude, and your Nikes! Doesn't get much better than this!! NTC. #LetsWork

-Oscar B.

Came out here tonight for my first Nike Training Club and wow...what a workout! Classes are FREE every Tues and Thursday at 6:30 and rotate between Santa Monica and Hollywood. Trainer Ryan was pretty hardcore...super high intensity training, such focus on the abs (which is my super weakest part of the body) so it was awesome!! 6:30pm is a bit early for me but if i get out early you bet i'll be back! oh yeah, and they give out a FREE tshirt to the MVP male and female of the night!

-Stephanie H.

This review is for Nike Training Club LA and NOT for Nike Santa Monica. NTC meets up at the Nike Store in Santa Monica Place at 6:30pm on Tuesdays. Plenty of parking at the mall or on surrounding streets. If you park at the mall, make sure you get there before 6pm (for free 2 hour parking) or expect to pay a flat fee of $5. Starts off with a quick jog from the Nike store to the grassy area on Ocean Ave. Then the real workout begins- a grueling 45 minute (go at your own pace) circuit workout. They play music and the trainer is really encouraging. People are friendly and the trainer is a BEAST! Did I mention that the class is FREE? Yep, FREE folks! Free parking + Free workout.. it's a WIN-WIN! Oh yeah, and bring a bottle water cause you'll definitely need it!

-Mike R.

Great workout at the beach!! I was afraid of hitting traffic, coming from Thousand Oaks, but I arrived at the Nike store with plenty of time to walk around the mall. Parking at the mall is wonderful; the first 90 minutes are free and then it's $1 for each additional hour. I met my friend there for our first NTC workout, signed in at the store and jogged over to the bluff for some fast-paced squats, burpees, and lots of other "moves" that made me sore for the next 2 days! Sprints on the sandy beach ended our workout and I was ready for some dinner!!! Thank you, NTC; I'll be back!

-Vicky W.

My first time at the SM NTC was on Valentine's Day, so there were only 10-15 people attending, but to be honest I prefer the smaller class sizes! The trainer, Ryan, was very friendly and welcoming to my bestie and I (our first class and we were the only noobs! :X) 10 minutes into the training you could tell he knew what he was if his amazing physique didn't tell you already ;) Since I already had the NTC app, some of the work outs were familiar so they weren't too difficult. But the 45 minute workout seriously kicked my butt and left me sore all over the next day!! You meet at the store and sign in, then do a light jog to a grassy spot overlooking the pier (4th and ocean?). It can be a bit awkward/intimidating because people walking or driving by can see you, but I think this just serves to motivate you to put your all in every rep! Then you do a series of circuit training work outs in a circle, so he can keep his eye on everyone. He finishes up with some stretches and a final jog back to the Nike store. I really can't believe something like this is free because it's such a fun, amazing and motivational program. I've already raved about it to my coworkers and brought them flyers, so they'll be joining me for the next one! If you're a health nut or fitness fanatic, this is such a fun and easy way to meet like-minded people and work out together :) Also, i guess they recognize an MVP of the night and give them a Nike top, and I got it for putting my best effort in every rep :))

-Ellen L.

Excellent free workout. Ryan the instructor is super motivating. Constantly mixing the workouts up so it doesn't get easy (trust me I've been doing for months and it doesn't!).

-Clare H.

I love love love LOVE Nike Training Club Los Angeles. I've been three times and it's by far one of the best workouts in LA. Plus it's FREE. Well, you have to pay for parking, but it's worth it. The trainers are awesome and I've also met great people. I can't stop telling everyone how great it is. My quads, abs, glutes and hammies are on fiya from the workout. NTC rocks! Try for yourself! NTC days have become sacred. All must be planned around it.


Thursday Night Nike Training Club - boot camp! @7pm One of the best one hour workout with a fitness coach there is! I've just recently started to go and am loving it. It's held on the roof top of the Montalban. So as you get your workout on with music in the background. You get to enjoy the view in the center of Hollywood. One night we were in the middle of the workout and gunshots went off. Not to worry...they were filming Southland on the street next to us. Kinda gets you to wake up if you're falling behind your workout. haha. And guess what, It's all FREE!! Motivation by your peers and coach. I love the energy this program provides. Live a fit life style!!

-Helena H.

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