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Client testimony

Steven Guero Charles
  • Star professional dancer

“I heard about Ryan from one of my best friends Mishay Petronelli. We both decided we wanted to find someone who could whip us as much into shape as possible for our upcoming Tour with Janet Jackson. I personally wanted to add muscle mass, increase my stamina, and add definition to my body so that if I were to have to dance on stage shirtless, I wouldn’t feel self conscious. Although Mishay and I had our sessions together, Ryan catered to us each separately and gave us our own individual training courses to follow which we continued to do once we left for tour.

Ryan is incredible at what he does, and he easily pinpointed exactly what needed to be done for each of us to get the results we wanted in the short amount of time we had before hitting the road. He’s such a beast and incredible motivator in the gym that as soon as we left for tour I couldn’t help but miss having him there to coach me through my workouts. I would see Ryan 3 times a week and would train with him early mornings before an 8 hour rehearsal and not once did I feel defeated nor too exhausted to continue my work for the day. If anything, I felt more agility in rehearsals and my energy levels were even improving as the days progressed; that aside from the physical changes I was seeing in my body. My muscle mass was increasing quickly, and I could see more and more definition in my arms and upper body as the weeks passed. His method of training was so efficient and extremely effective.

Out of all the training I’ve ever done, Ryan’s has shown the most and quickest results for me personally.

I highly recommend Ryan to anyone (especially to athletes). He is insanely talented and caters to exactly what you want and need so that you‘re in the best possible shape for your journey.”

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